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According to the information gathered from the fire accident sources, 90% of fire accident is caused due to domestic LPG leakages. Only solution to avoid these kinds of fire accidents is through some gas safety precautions that any one can employe in his daily routine life. Gas Safety Device is the handy, low cost, all in one gas safety device that shows Gas Cylinder Level at a glance, Detects Leaks and, Automatically Shuts off the Gas in the event of a major leak. Gas Safety Device can be quickly

fitted to most gas cylinders.

Gas safety devices include :

  • Gas alarms that emit a loud noise or shut down the gas supply when unburnt gas or carbon monoxide is detected.
  • Gas shut-off systems that are activated by a loss of flame or the presence of un-burned gas ‘Passive’ devices such as additional guards, easy-grip or marked knobs, and devices that remind that cooking is in progress
  • Manual shut-off valves operated by carers to prevent appliance use
    Regular gas appliance servicing is very important for the elderly, disabled and those with impaired abilities. We recommend annual appliance servicing and safety checks as a minimum.

Gas Safety Device will automatically shut-off the gas supply from the cylinder due to major leakages of gas caused due to:

  • The rupturing of a tube or pulling off the stove or regulator.
  • The regulator failed to function properly.
  • The tube catching fire.


  • Keep the Gas Safety Device knob in on condition and ensure that the burners of the gas stove are in off condition. The gauge dial needle will show pressure indication
  • Turn off the Gas Safety Device knob and wait for few minutes, if the needle of gauge dial drops down slowly to zero level, this indicates that there is leakage in the line between the pressure regulator and the gas stove.
  • If the needle remains at the same position there is no leakage in the system.
  • The above pressure can be repeated for more confirmation.